Manual Corn and Multi-Grain Grinder

Mega Cocina® Corn & Multi-Grain Mill can grind corn,multi-grains, soybeans and nuts in no time. By grinding your own grains and nuts, you can be sure of exactly what goes into your meals. You won’t have to obsess over which store-brought products contain preservatives,additives and other harmful artificial substances. This is where the mill comes in handy. It is made of durable cast-iron and is designed for long-term use, so even if you use it daily, it will deliver. The extra-large hopper, together with a large crank handle, allows for easymaneuvering and turning. Simply adjust the cast-iron grain mill for coarse or fine grinds using the adjustable mechanism. This heavy-duty mill attaches to any counter top in a snap with its “clamp-on-style” design.
This hand grain mill features a sturdy rubber pad to help keep your counter top free of scratches. It can be disassembled for easy

MCCRNGRNDER               NO. PCS/CTN 6