Megatrade International, Inc. is an international trade, manufacturing, and development company founded in 1983 and located in Nashville, Tennessee, United States. Initially Megatrade was a distributor/wholesaler for Central America and the Caribbean for many American companies, such as Thermos, Corning, Regal, and others, and due to Megatrade’s success many Brazilian manufacturing companies also contacted Megatrade to help them develop clientele in the region.
Megatrade was a pioneer in going to China in the 1980s and finding inexpensive houseware products for their customer base throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. In 1995 Megatrade developed its own brand, Mega®, with an investment in molds, trademarks and patents for vacuum flasks and insulated products, which were developed for all regions of the world, and soon Mega® was being sold to more than 90 countries around the world.
Due to the success of Mega®, Mr. Jorge E. Moran, the President and CEO of Megatrade, developed the Mega Cocina® brand of cookware and houseware products establishing a base in the Miami area to distribute and sell Mega® and Mega Cocina® products to the Hispanic markets of the USA as well as to many of its distributors in Central America, the Caribbean, and Africa.  At the present time Megatrade has subsidiaries in Miami and China with five warehouses in south Florida stocking over 1,200 different items, and Mega® and MegaCocina® products are now being sold in many major national retail chains in the USA and throughout the world.